Nyrentin is one of the oldest empires in all of Xenus. In the year 264 RM Nyrentin was founded by a young and charismatic aarakocra named Nyren. The settlement grew rapidly into a wonderous city as more and more aarakocra flooded into her gates. Many cities were built in the name of the empire in a rapid expansion to the south and east. The empire expanded to fill the entirety of the region now known as Nyrentin through force.

In the year 34 AD many tribes and large powers banded together to try to halt the Nyrental expansion. The allied tribes demanded the Nyrental empire to cease all further expansion and allow open trade. Emperor Nyrul called for a meeting with the tribes to discuss the issue further only to betray their trust and slay them during the meeting.

A great war erupted between the two powers that lasted for nearly 30 years only to be ended when the elves of Xenuri intervened. The war left much of the land scared, many glorious cities left in ruin, and both sides of the war crippled.

The empire recovered from the war with grace and vowed to never again resort to such evils again. Today the empire is lead by empress Nyra, a kind and wise leader who uses her power to help those in need.


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