Sovereign Powers:

Ruled by the owl-kin empress Nyra, the Nyrental empire spans across western Nyrentin.

Civil Locations :

  • Aderhall
  • Caderwall
  • Corlax
  • Crasstin
  • Dankwald

This settlement was absorbed into the Nyrental empire in the year 2582 EE after petitioning for the non expanse treaty to expire. They are a small group of potatoe farmers who also serve as a rest stop to the isles just off the coast.

  • Huntros

Huntros is a grand trade city built upon a great underground lake. The city was formed early in the 5th era and has stood as an independent front since its conception. Mid EE the Great Lake was discovered and the city rapidly grew afterward. Today many venture to hunters l to view this grand wonder while many more delve into the dark passageways and explore the unknown.

  • Jenthrall
  • Nova

Nova was formed in 2799 EE under the rule of the Vestilian empire and has rapidly grown into a large hub town.

  • Nuron

This city is relatively new to the Nyrental empire, it was founded in 2582 EE nearly a century after the non expanse treaties expired. The city is rapidly growing into a hub of trade.

  • Nyonpos
  • Nyrenari
  • Nyrental

Nyrental is the capital of the Nyrentan empire. Ruled by the royal aarakocra lineage, the empire has been through much, but her city has withstood it all and still stands strong today.

  • Nyrentros
  • Velima
  • Vestile

This grand city was formed in the early years of the 5th era. They expanded through assimilation ruling over many of the eastern cities and towns of Nyrentin. It is now a very diverse capital city to the Vestilian empire ruled by their elvish emperor Murthan Lesteonis.

  • Wrestile
This small dwelling consists of a large manor, two barn houses, and a stable. This area is under the protection of Archmage Jonas and is inhabited by him and his family.
  • Wrothsend
  • Xrentine Pass
  • Yurstine

Wild Locations:

  • Anikinactor Woods
  • Broadsteel Bay
  • Cresthills
  • Crontact Hills
  • Deadwood
  • Eridian Hills
  • Grinton Woodlands
  • Lake Sher
  • Murth Foothills
  • Faerie Forest
  • Shroden Forest
  • The Forest of Dust
  • Woods of Shuro
  • Zerni Hill


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